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Let the Kokako Sing From Lakes to Sea

The Manawahe Eco Trust was formed to manage the community’s interest in improving biodiversity in native forest within the Manawahe Ecological Corridor. It is a registered Charitable Trust and currently has five Trustees partnered with voluntary support from local community members.

In 2023, the Manawahe Kokako Trust merged with MET, after a 25 year long history of protecting the relict population of Manawahe kokako. This merger has ensured that protecting this key population is at the forefront of the biodiversity work we undertake.

With help from our volunteers, who contribute nearly 2,300 hours per year, the Manawahe Eco Trust is committed to managing and enhancing the biodiversity of the area. The Manawahe Ecological Corridor is the only forested ecological corridor that exists between the Rotorua lakes and the sea. Contained within the corridor are populations of threatened species which include the iconic species of kokako. The important landscape features within the corridor have been recognised as an outstanding regional ecological asset.

The Manawahe Ecological Corridor is so named because the remnants of natural habitat between Lake Rotoma and the coast form a continuation of the diverse ecosystem types that can be found across this 300m altitudinal range.


After the war, large areas of forest were felled for wood and then burned off to create farms for returning soldiers and their families. However [...]

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The Corridor’s Significance

The area protected in the lower reaches of the Corridor represent just 1% of the ecosystem type that was found on the Rangitaiki plains before [...]

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About Manawahe

The Manawahe is clearly identifiable not just by arbitrary lines on a map but by conspicuous geographical features; rugged hills that rise suddenly from the [...]

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