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Author: Manawahe Eco Trust

Monthly Update July 2020

Education Report It is interesting seeing how schools are reacting to Covid-19.  There are some that are no longer going to have school camps and are looking for a day trip type activity, and others that are not restricted at all.  Sadly, I have had the first cancellation that is connected to the $150 donation scheme.  Schools seem to be managing this scheme differently. Things that have happened over the last month.  Connected with Principals from Apanui, Allandale, Whakatane Intermediate, St Joseph's Whakatane, Paroa School. Schools are keen to have an Environmental programme in the school.  Whakatane Intermediate has cancelled camps [...]

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Monthly Update June 2020

Education Report This month has given me a sense of normality having students back up at the centre. June has seen three schools return to the centre. Trident High School Great Barrier class had a great camp. They did some work in the food forest, helped with track clearing and setting up the auto traps with Peter. They also got to experience the Kokako block and Karaponga falls. Whakatane High School: Enviro group. We had the most amazing experience with Popokotea in the Kokako block.  These students built trap boxes and also started the winter planting programme. SEC as usual are great [...]

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Monthly Update May 2020

Education Report It is nice to be in Level 2 and to be able to get out and about a little more. I have enjoyed being back in the bush, filling bait stations and checking traps as well as being involved in the health checks on KIWI.  Tho in terms of actual work I am really starting to miss engaging with students. Schools are in a difficult situation; many are very keen to get their students to settle into the routine of school again.  Although EOTC programmes can work, it is definitely more difficult under the level 2 guidelines, most enquiries are for [...]

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Monthly Update Feb 2020

Environmental Educator Report The centre is up and running after the summer holiday.  It has been good to get the place looking good and ready for camps.  The garden survived the summer and is producing food. Achievements this month: School and house clean up in preparation for camps. Creating a weta/insect house out of pallet wood supplied by Glenns Glass. Meeting and working with Teresa from DOC, completing a community agreement to do the trap line in the Matata lagoon. NCEA Education for Sustainability planning for Trident Developing a different programme to cater for students that are returning to the centre. Establishing [...]

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Annual Project Co-ordinators Report

Predator Trapping  - During the past year we have been successful in using funding from the Regionals Council’s EEF and from DOC to consolidate and extend our predator control.  We have a long term plan of extending a perimeter of traps around the Manawahe corridor margins and we have made progress towards achieving that goal. Progress report on trapping extension Eastern Boundary - Braemar Road runs North- South along the base of the Manawahe escarpment and forms the eastern boundary of the Manawahe corridor. We have divided this into two blocks, Braemar South which runs up to the Tumarau wetland and Braemar [...]

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Annual Education Report

I started in the role of Environmental Educator for the Manawahe Eco Trust on the 29th of October 2018. It has been an exciting and busy year. We had no schools booked for the end of 2018.  This was good as it gave me time to understand the programmes at Manawahe and also come up with some ideas of my own.  It was also a great time to market the centre. In 2019 schools have been involved in various different programmes encompassing many different activities - there has been 15 schools over 35 days, with 584 students and 157 adults accompanying [...]

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