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Category: Trust News

July update

Educator's Report It has been a busy month at the centre! • The roll out of the traps at Whakatane Intermediate is finished. The map of the traps is located on the Halo website. Halo are now linking in with the school to start logging the data. The number of rats caught so far is quite amazing. A Kotuku has been spotted on the lagoon in the last week. Connecting the beautiful native birds to the trapping programme is incredibly important. • Otakiri School year 4/5 came to the centre for their second visit this year. [...]

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June 2021 Update

Educator’s Report The roll out of the 160 rat traps that Whakatane Intermediate made at the centre has been great. So many rats have been caught in the traps. The students have been really into the project and have created some pretty cool trap designs. The roll out of the traps at Whakatane Intermediate has been great. We are half way through and already the rats and mice that are being caught is incredible. The students are really engaged in the learning. We had an article in the Beacon in regard to the programme and I have sent a message [...]

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May 2021 update

Educator’s Report Term 1 at the centre has been amazing with school groups most days. Key points 19 Intermediate classes have visited the centre. The programme has been amazing with great feedback from the teachers and the students. The follow up is myself and Gaia Ohare from Halo going into the school during the first week of next term to set the traps. Otakiri school: We had Otakiri year 2/3 visit for a day. This was their first trip up to the centre. The focus for them was on nativie birds and pests. It was a busy but fun day. The [...]

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March update from our Education Coordinator

The Manawahe Ecological Community Centre has been buzzing with students since week 2 of the school term. Whakatane Intermediate school have taken on an exciting project. All 20 of the school classes are visiting for a day to learn about the importance of protecting our birds and bush and why we need to be doing pest control. Each class is making 8 rat traps to take back to their school to set up an extensive backyard trapping programme around the Awatapu Lagoon and the Riverside drive river bank area. The students will learn how to monitor a trap line, and then [...]

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February 2021 – Monthly update

Education update I have been busy preparing for the schools that are visiting in term 1, which includes 23 classes from Whakatane Intermediate, Otakiri School, Awakeri School and Awhina boys programme from Rotorua. The programme will involve building tunnel rat traps, talking about pests and trapping and looking at the trap line at the Centre. We will also be doing an environmental challenge and a beach clean up at Lake Rotoma with the Intermediate students. The term is going to be very busy; it will be great to have so many students pass through the Centre and be part of the programme. The [...]

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Annual Project Co-ordinators Report

Predator Trapping  - During the past year we have been successful in using funding from the Regionals Council’s EEF and from DOC to consolidate and extend our predator control.  We have a long term plan of extending a perimeter of traps around the Manawahe corridor margins and we have made progress towards achieving that goal. Progress report on trapping extension Eastern Boundary - Braemar Road runs North- South along the base of the Manawahe escarpment and forms the eastern boundary of the Manawahe corridor. We have divided this into two blocks, Braemar South which runs up to the Tumarau wetland and Braemar [...]

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Annual Education Report

I started in the role of Environmental Educator for the Manawahe Eco Trust on the 29th of October 2018. It has been an exciting and busy year. We had no schools booked for the end of 2018.  This was good as it gave me time to understand the programmes at Manawahe and also come up with some ideas of my own.  It was also a great time to market the centre. In 2019 schools have been involved in various different programmes encompassing many different activities - there has been 15 schools over 35 days, with 584 students and 157 adults accompanying [...]

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June/July 2019 Report

Education Report   It has been another busy month up at the Ecological Centre. We have had three groups from Trident High school all doing slightly different things.  They have had a problem-solving team building day for a group of Year 13 and Year 10 students, as well as a three-day camp with a group of students that are preparing for a five week trip the Great Barrier Island later in the year. The final group of students were doing an assessment in which they did a four-hour adventure race on the roads and farms around the centre. Whakatane Intermediate Environmental class has also [...]

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After the war, large areas of forest were felled for wood and then burned off to create farms for returning soldiers and their families. However in some cases only the biggest trees were taken and the remnant bush left. In this way approximately 4000 hectares of native forest around Manawahe were retained. About half of this is found on private land in the corridor. The bush type in the corridor is predominantly Rimu- Rata/ Tawa-Kamahi with Rewarewa thriving in situations where the other dominant canopy trees are struggling. The understory of the well protected areas resembles fairytale books with nikau, ferns, [...]

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