February 2022 Update

Education Update: Hilary Hurst

Summer has been a quiet time up at the centre but that will change now that the school year is underway. Terms 1 and 2 are shaping up to be a very busy time for us, with visits and camps from several schools from Whakatane, Kawerau and Rotorua booked in. We are really excited to have the centre buzzing with students again!

Predator Control Update: Peter Fergusson

The summer period has been spent with a focus on trap maintenance and weed control to keep our traps visible and attractive to target predators and to keep the traps easy to maintain by our volunteers. We have also been focused on ongoing wallaby control and have just purchased 10 automated bait pumps to use in conjunction with our trail cameras to monitor wallaby presence around Manawahe. After having a lot of success with our wallaby feeding stations within areas of bush that have very low levels of rats and possums we have trialed the same method in an area outside the main block of predator control. The results were completely different, with the cameras showing rats and possums devouring the bait before the wallaby had a chance to get to the stations. I have altered the feeding stations to make them rat proof and we will see if this is more successful in attracting wallaby.

Outdoor First Aid Course – Are you keen to take part?

We are planning on hosting a First Aid course in early 2022 and we are keen to know of any Manawahe residents that may be keen to attend for either one or two days over a weekend. This is a great opportunity for us to be safe, informed, learn how to use the defibrillator and to come together at the Manawahe Eco Trust Community Centre. The course will be run by Peak Safety.

For this to go ahead we would need 10-20 people aged 14+. A one day course would cost $165 +GST (and assumes recent first aid knowledge). A two day course would be $250 +GST and would include some great scenario based learning opportunities to expand your first aid knowledge.

The course will provide you with an Outdoor First Aid Certificate and for an extra $25 Unit Standards 6401, 6402, 6400 can be assessed

How do we make this happen?

  1. Register your interest by emailing Hilary at educ.met@gmail.com
  2. Let us know if you have specific First Aid situations you would like to look at eg kitchen fire, quad bike incident, stroke, heart attack, etc.