Monthly Update July 2020

Education Report

It is interesting seeing how schools are reacting to Covid-19.  There are some that are no longer going to have school camps and are looking for a day trip type activity, and others that are not restricted at all.  Sadly, I have had the first cancellation that is connected to the $150 donation scheme.  Schools seem to be managing this scheme differently.

Things that have happened over the last month. 

  • Connected with Principals from Apanui, Allandale, Whakatane Intermediate, St Joseph’s Whakatane, Paroa School. Schools are keen to have an Environmental programme in the school.  Whakatane Intermediate has cancelled camps and is allowing two day trips for all classes with one of those days having an Educational focus.  This will benefit us.
  • Otakiri Year 7 and 8s did a day trip on the 28th. The focus was on native birds.  They did an amazing job in the food forest as well as having a good walk in the Karaponga reserve.
  • I have organised a meeting with Otakiri to talk to staff about using the centre and the area as a local learning environment.  This will mean the school would visit regularly and take on a project. I am also in contact with the Principal of St Joseph’s Matata regarding this.
  • Kawerau South have cancelled their week booking for term 4.  This is due to the unknown financial impact on their families.  They are now thinking of doing day trips.
  • Awakeri have cancelled four day trips for this term.  The reason given was due to the $150 donation scheme and not being able to afford it even at a reduced price.

Bookings and enquiries:

  • Trident Year 11s for a problem-solving day.
  • Awhina Alternative Education classes from Rotorua Boys and Girls are keen to come.
  • Trident business studies are coming to do some community work on the 6th and 20th of August.
  • James Street School has booked a week in November. Five day trips for their junior classes.
  • Otakiri Year 7-8 are keen to return before the end of the term.
  • Whakatane Intermediate are making enquiries.


Project Co-ordinators Report


The wallaby trap trial is still being monitored. No kills yet but cameras show wallaby interacting but not putting their heads in! (yet). I also set up some wallaby bait stations and some prefeed strikers which are nailed to trees. Cameras are watching all of these and wallaby are sampling the bait stations so I will add more feratox to the mix to see if that is effective. I have been in contact with Dale Williams from the Regional Council to try and get some support for wallaby control.

DoC has four workers available for conservation work, so I have asked for a person to help with trap lines and am hoping for a favourable response.

I have almost finished setting out the six new AT220s along the bush fringe at the Northern margin of the Cell Tower block.

Braemar Road trap line has been checked and work on a new trap box design that may help with trap shy stoats is going ahead.

A Matata local has been organised to look after the lagoon traps as Matata school need support on this.

Three volunteers assisted in setting out the rat monitor cards, and we will pick them up this week.

EBOP has a team of track cutters who will begin work in Manawahe next week

I have met with the Beacon reporter and generated a couple of stories on our projects, and they make interesting reading!

* The Electoral Office will be using our facilities as a Polling Booth – hope to see you there!