News from the Manawahe Environmental Educator

Hi there Folks, It has been a busy first half year for me at the Manawahe Eco trust. I have really enjoyed the challenge of a new job in a new area of teaching as well as getting to know an amazing part of the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

So far we have had:

  • Over 280 Primary, Intermediate and Secondary students make ​Weta houses, start a food forest, be involved in pest control and trap checking, plant native trees, learn about minimal waste, be involved in rubbish clean up, blackberry and weed bust, build and start composting bins, team building activities.
  • Year 11 Outdoor Education – Made​ 20 Rat traps​ for Hokianga Island in Ohiwa harbour.
  • Year 12 Biology – ​checked monitor lines in pest controlled areas & non pest controlled​ areas.
  • Year 13 Outdoor Education – raced in a ​four hour multisport adventure racing challenge ​as part of a performance enhancement programme.
  • 60 Teams competed – ​Intermediate and Secondary school Multisport challenge
  • Special Education students – are working on resurrecting the ​shade house & propagating plants.
  • Intermediate students: ​William Pike Leadership award ​came for team building & community work.
  • Two nights ​winter camping & problem solving ​for the Trident 5 week Great Barrier island class.
  •  50 teachers came to a workshop at the Community of learning teacher only day.
  • The opportunity to present at the local Probus club.

If you would like to be part of the programme at Manawahe please contact me. I am available to work with schools to create programmes that will fit in with the specific teaching programmes.

Ngā mihi ​Helen Dobbin Environmental Educator Manawahe Eco trust Mb: 021 906132