The area protected in the lower reaches of the Corridor represent just 1% of the ecosystem type that was found on the Rangitaiki plains before they were drained for farming.

Kokako Population

Much of the high profile work on protecting the bush in the Manawahe has focussed on the breeding area of a Kokako population. Since the mid 1990s the population has grown from 14 to 53 birds.

Native Bird & Invertebrate Populations

As well as the kokako, the bush is home to lively populations of tui as well as bellbirds, tomtits, grey warblers, cuckoo’s, fantail, kereru and there have been sightings of whitehead and robin .The diverse habitats that can be found throughout the bush are home to an abundance of invertebrates some that have yet to be studied including the Giant Centipede. Forest Gecko and Pacific Gecko were found in a study in 2007.

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