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Environmental Education

We are committed to providing local children with environmental education and nurturing their continued involvement with regards to conservation.

Day programme for pre-schools.

This programme contains three structured activities relating to conservation. The day starts with a card seeking game which teaches about the natural relationships between bush and birds, which is disturbed by predators. The second activity involves the creation of foot prints with paint on paper. Our final activity is a “bush” walk past bait stations and tracking tunnels. There is plenty of time for free play and exploration in between these activities.
Cost: $150 per group plus GST.

Day programme for Primary Schools.

These programmes are custom build to suit the specific age and interests of the visiting group. The day generally starts with some team building activities, followed by some “conservation games”. The afternoon is normally spent by studying the various tools and techniques used to keep our forests predator free. Children can be given the opportunity to do some conservation work at well.
Cost: $300 per group plus GST.

Day programme for Intermediate and Highschools.

These programmes are custom build to suit the specific curriculum needs of the visiting group. Typical; activities are: team building challenges; conservation games; as well as real conservation work in the bush. For senior high school students there is the opportunity to do work towards NCEA credits in the area of Education for Sustainability achievement standard (Level 2 and 3) as well as Unit standards for Numeracy Level 1.
Cost: $350 per group plus GST.

Bush Camp.

Stay overnight for one of our bush camps. A custom made environmental education programme will be organised in consultation with the teachers, which can incorporate archery, a flying fox and water based activities like raft building at a secluded beach on Lake Rotoma. Groups can camp on the field or use our 30 mattresses to sleep inside on the floor, boys and girls can sleep in separate buildings. This is a basic bush camp with two single beds and one hot shower which is generally only used by the teachers. A small kitchenette and an outside BBQ and gas ring are available for preparing meals.

Cost: Day programme cost plus plus $120 per night. For a 2-night camp where you leave after lunch on the third day, the cost will combine the costs for 3 days plus 2 nights. If you leave directly after breakfast, there is no cost for the last day.

Environmental Educator

The Manawahe Eco Trust employs an Environmental Educator, Liddy Bakker, who is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge, experience and expertise. She has a broad knowledge and skill base, which will cater for students through to high school and will be able to meet their curriculum requirements up to unit & achievement standards for NZQA.

Please note there is a 10% non- refundable booking fee. Change of date is free of charge. For more information, customised programmes and/or bookings please contact MET’s Environmental Educator:
Liddy Bakker
on email:
or Mobile: 0275699022